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Katy Trail – Clinton to Machens

Katy Trail – CLinton, MO Trailhead
Katy Trail – Machens, MO Trailhead

Katy Trail is located in northern Missouri. Total Length is 237 miles. The western terminus is located in Clinton, MO. The Eastern Terminus is located in Machens, MO.

Each Trail Head has information about the next section with points of interest along the way.

I road the trail from west to east. The first day had a lot of vertical compared to the other 3 days. Once you get along the Missouri River it is generally downhill.

Day 1
Katy Trail – Day 1
Clinton – Boonville 74.1 MIles
Day 2
Katy Trail – Day 2
Boonville to North Jefferson 49.44 Miles
Day 3
Katy Trail – Day 3
North Jefferson to Treloar 59.11 Miles
Day 4
Katy Trail – Day 4
Treloar – Machens 59.06 MIles